Pelphrey - Building An Ocean In My Home

Radion WXM Settings

Below are the current settings for the two Radion XR15 Gen4's I have over my RedSea Reefer 250. Lights are approx 8" above the water.

I am running the typical AB+ schedule, you can find my WXM light schedule by searching Pelphrey Radion XR15G4.

The image below hightlights the peak time and colors.

Below is the code I have in my advanced settings, these settings are linked to Apex profiles.

I run what I call Moonlights for an hour every night, from 9PM-10PM. Below is the profile for my "moon" settings.

This profile is used when I want to record or take pictures of the tank. I setup a virtual outlet, when that outlet is turned on this profile is enabled.